I’m a day late uploading it BUT
thesultrybanker drew my fursona!!

a thing i drew for tomi for their birthday yesterday!!!! i’m super happy w/ that pancake hahaa
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look i drew a thing :Y
Jawn was redrawin some old adopt things he had and he was gonna trade away and he showed me a sketch of this dude and omfg i lost my mind
so i of course took his cute puppy design and turned it into a weird fluffy butt monster :3c perfection
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dracamari-fr reblogged your post dracamari-fr reblogged your post wow s… and added:

What’s your FR username/ID? I’ll send you the accent right away :) and as for the drawing, pick any dragon

i’m Phloxe!! (the link is there uvu) or 79567 if thats easier

and you’d like me to draw one of your dragons?? i can draw an oc, a dragon, etc etc. 


lepitsune auctionnn over at dA and FA!
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dracamari-fr reblogged your post wow someone trade me a lightburst flor… and added:

I have an extra one if nobody has taken up this offer yet :)

i’m totally down to trade wow what woul dyou like me to draw for you in exchange??

wow someone trade me a lightburst flora i’ll draw you something in exchange



yessiree folks you heard correctly im gonna start taking commissions because money is good and maybe you want to give me some for art???

PRICES!!! (dont look at me like i know what im doing)

$5 sketches


$10 lineart


$15 flat color


$5 headshots (lines and flats)


+$2 for each additional character

+$2 for nsfw shit (thats nudes and porn ya’ll)

shoot me a message or a fanmail if you’re interested!!! UwwwU

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did a thing for kub-e@DA and i’m REAL PROUD OF IT
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