Anonymous sent: will you ever do a MYO thing for your other species?owo sorry if this has been answered but I haven't seen it around. I think lots would be interested in it! When you are less busy ofcourse ;; dont strain yourself Jawn youre always working really hard ;-;

i’m not 100% sure. with how often the most basic of rules were broken for the babs i’m not very trusting of people to follow the rules during a MYO for any of my other species. it’s not very likely. 

i never uploaded this here but this was for my sweet kouhai’s birthday on the 21st!! 
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ok i thought i should do this because i dk if i’ll ever post that ask but someone sent me the sweetest ask i could ever hope to receive a real long time ago. it made me cry a little and i was real flattered that they thought so highly of me. i have my faults (some p big ones) but i’m really grateful to that anon for sending that message? i look back at it every time i feel anxious or bad about myself to get happy again and i really just wanted to say thank you so so much for your kind words. 

Anonymous sent: i have a folder entitled "inspirations" where i put all of the designs that i find to be very inspiring (and which i end up making fanart of) and a large segment of this folder is crammed with your designs that have titles that are some variation of "PHLOXEEE" "PHLOXESTOP" "KILLING ME SOFTLY" "PHLHXPLXHXE"

i’m screaming?!?! i’m real ashamed (not actually ashamed :3c ) my plan is working hahaaaa. but naw really thank you i’m really flattered and a tiny bit flustered that you like my designs that much thank you!!!! <3

so i’m finally deciding to draw my one true wish. 

my three acnl boyfriend pin ups :3c (well sorta pin ups) so far i’ve finished julan and then sketched up colton and roscoe haaaaaaah.

and then afterwards a ton of self indulgent my mayor x julian so if you don’t wanna see that sorry you might wanna avoid my blog :3c 

these are a bunch of old characters i revamped! more info here!! _______________________________________
Child - strange enigmaSad Child - sad childPirate Son - pirate who lives with jesseJesse - breeds and adopts out animalsStrange Child - strangeCirque du Strip - stripper/circus performer? think cirque du soleilPurple Child - purple childCat Child - cat priestA.M.Y - robotDog Child - dog
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i never uploaded this here! these are pictures i  drew of my byfriend&#8217;s and my mayors (wow a mouthful i don&#8217;t know if i typed that correctly gomen)
fevertrip's mayor on the left and my mayor on the right. this was when nan was first playing acnl so both of our mayors look super different now ahaha. 
i need to doodle an updated image of my mayor :3c
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oops also this was from when i first got the game i think. toguchin on the left, me in the middle, and fevertrip on the right ahaha. 
i kinda wanna draw myself as an animal too but i never figured out which one i would be &lt;:3c i think i was told i&#8217;d be an alpaca or a giraffe haha. maybe i will be an alpace &gt;:3c
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Acnl Talk

oh man ok so i’m super bummed rn. i visited ziggyzagz ‘s town after they had visited mine and given me furniture and i found that they had the fairy exterior and fairy mint roof ;; i attempted to get them sent to my town but my nook homes had closed at like 8PM and ziggy had the night owl ordinance so THAT SUCKED but i mean ziggy has the nicest house they are so chill i am in dokis. 

but wow i am gonna be trying to make my town/house be nothing but whimsical ;; 

current dream villiagers that are in my town: Julian, Colton, Diana (but she’s going to chuck ;;)

dream villiagers i want: Marshal, Roscoe, Ed, Ankha, Merengue, Fang, and Bianca like wow r i p jawn.

furniture i want: mushroom lamp, mushroom wall lamp, bug furniture, patchwork table, patchwork lamp, sweets furniture (waitin for summer), gorgeous furniture (will eventually get)